Bentleys star at Scarborough business gathering

Bentleys in aegean blue and burnt orange were the star guests at a business gathering to promote Yorkshire's manufacturing and engineering base.

The Scarborough Business Ambassadors held the event in partnership with Leeds-based Made in Yorkshire.

It was attended by more than 100 business leaders and representatives from throughout the county.

They included  McCain Foods which is investing £100m in its Scarborough base, the £3.2 billion polyhalite mine developer Sirius Minerals, property developers Caddick Group, Boeing, structural steel group Severfield which helped to build the London Shard, and Rosti Automotive, the car components giant.

The Bentleys were on display at the entrance to the award-winning engineering company Unison in Scarborough, which hosted the meeting.

Bentley representatives included Michael Carr, general manager of JCT 600 Leodis Court dealership in Leeds who had driven one of the luxury cars to the event, and Dr Mark Marsh, head of after-sales, product and launch management at Crewe-based Bentley.

He spoke of the worldwide "megatrends" facing the motor industry, including emissions and climate change, legislation, electrification of vehicles and ever-increasing digital connectivity that was impacting on car design and engineering. He added that global changes that were leading to greater urbanisation and also the rise of the Asian car market in particular.

He said: "There are huge issues associated with the pace of change and how we cope with that."

He said Bentley was helping to expand skillsets by supporting engineering and design-based University Technical Colleges.

 "The future is bright and exciting. The UK workforce can do some amazing things," he said.

The event was sponsored by Scarborough University Technical College.

John Pendleton, MD of Rosti and president of Made in Yorkshire, said: "This is fantastic region with lots of opportunities."

Leading guests also included Colin Sirett and Adrian Allen, of the Sheffield University-linked Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, known as the AMRC With Boeing.

Peter Wilkinson, chairman of the 13 well-connected directors of Scarborough Business Ambassadors and a non-executive director at Unison which has a base in Virginia in the US from where half the company's turnover derives, said: "There are a lot of people investing in Scarborough. It has become the epitome of ambition, with cracking business companies and 12 international engineering companies."

Made in Yorkshire director Chrissie Gale said: "There are 12,500 engineering and manufacturing businesses in Yorkshire. There are also companies with £50m to £60m turnover but are under the radar in the textiles, food and drink and other sectors, and we are helping them and engineering and manufacturing businesses to raise their profile."


Pictures byline - Richard Ponter

A  Scarborough business breakfast at Unison engineers, organised by the Scarborough Business Ambassadors and Made in Yorkshire

B Leeds Bentley representative Michael Carr of JCT600 Leodis Court with a Bentley Continental GT and Unison joint MD Julian Kidger

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